Our furniture began with a thought and a vision. Deborah Norwood, founder and designer, was raised in a family of
designers and builders. One day she sat down and began to draw sketches of furniture. She knew she wanted
furniture that was made from natural products: green, sustainable, healthy, yet durable and affordable. Taking into
consideration depth, height, width, and slant, she finished her drawings and was ready to find a manufacturer to
make her furniture, with the hope of bringing her own designs to homes across America.

Her search took her to many countries over a period of two years, but she finally found a wonderful man near Bali
who listened to her every need for detail and who followed her specifications. She began to see her efforts unfold,
and in March of 2005 she received her first container of furniture! Everything sold immediately and thereafter, many
40' high cube containers were to follow.

Deborah wanted her furniture to be functional and to fit into both small and large spaces.  She wanted it to be
interchangeable, so that her customers could arrange the pieces, split up the sectional chairs around in a room. With
this in mind, she knew her customers could then create a loveseat with 2 corner chairs, or a large sectional with a
combination of corner and armless chairs. With a combination of all armless chairs one could create a totally new
and contemporary look. One corner chair and 2 armless chairs could be made into a chaise lounge. Versatility was
paramount. Ms. Norwood's furniture is in hotel lobbies, guest suites, in adorable condominiums, and beautiful
estates across this beautiful country of ours. Her furniture can be seen Coastal Living Magazine, and was aired on a
TV series called Tacky House on Style Network. Famous designer, Thom Felicia, found her furniture online and was
so impressed that he used her 5-Piece Sectional on his new program. Taking a space from tacky to tasteful was the
theme of his show.

                                     ABOUT OUR FURNITURE:

This incredibly beautiful seagrass furniture is made to last and the designs classic and timeless. The bases are
made of kiln-dried hardwood mahogany. About the time wooden furniture leaves the tropics it cracks and breaks
without the kiln-drying process. The wooden frame is wrapped and hand woven with a chunky knit-weave of water
hyacinth leaves. To ensure protection and durability of the seagrass, Deborah found that the best protection was the
application of 2 coats of clear lacquer to the finish to the seagrass and wood. The nylon like threads inside the
reeds, when twisted and wrapped are strong. After completion lacquer woven seagrass is so strong, it's been
compared to steel cable. The decks of the chairs have woven straps to ensure a soft and comfortable feel.

Cleaning the furniture is easy as well.  With a clean and soft damp cloth the water hyacinth seagrass can be wiped
down. The slipcovers are zippered and can be removed for laundering in a cold water, delicate cycle, air dried, and
then reapplied to the cushions. The eco friendly treated fabric is made of upholstery grade 100% cotton twill. Seven
inch deep and comfortable seat cushions are built with solid high density foam, and domed on the top. Each
sectional chair comes with 2 scatter back pillows. Everything from top to bottom displays high-end boutique quality.

Many Deborah's customers have been happy with their furniture because it is healthy, natural, and beautiful.
Testimonials are received regularly, expressing how the furniture exceeds their expectations. Other stores may
display photos that look terrific, but can be deceiving. "This is real furniture", one customer wrote back.

One can feel a sense of pride when they can tell their family and friends they have purchased with our mother earth
in mind. Certified as 90% Organic by the manufacturer, this natural fiber taken from the brackish water on the
islands off the shores of Bali,  has been claimed by some to actually energize the body. There is furniture that looks
similar to Deborah's but buyer beware. As with anything, quality is what you are paying for with Deborah's designs
and at competive fabulous prices. This is quality, well constructed and beautifully woven furniture, made to last for
decades with proper care. Over time replacement cushion covers may be purchased to create an entire new color
scheme in one's space.  Deborah hopes you will enjoy her furniture. She is thankful and feels truly blessed that she
can bring the look and feel of stated casual elegance to many homes, hotels, and offices throughout the United
States and Canada.
(760) 231-5959