Balisians have been perfecting the "art of weaving" for thousands of years. Oceanside Living and Decor has searched high and low for
qualified weavers to make this fabulous furniture within the U.S, but thus far without success.  We have used the same factory for 12

We warehouse and see from California and ships to the contiguous U.S. and Canada. Below is a photo showing the humble people
weaving a dining chair.  The seagrass armchair takes 3 days to weave the water hyacinth reeds to the kiln dried hardwood frame.
Photo on upper right shows the
weave after it is sealed with 2
coats of clear lacquer finish.  The
result is beautiful! We pay for the
most qualified, experienced
Below is shown an example of poor weaving, which
is commonly found in large box stores in the U.S.
The weave to the left: Notice
how the lines are not straight.
Some V weaves are smaller and
not consistent.  There are frayed
edges and not sealed. Wood
inside is most likely not kiln
dried.  Without the kiln-drying
process, the wood will crack
and split once it leaves the
tropics. Some furniture has an
odor.  Ours does not.
Finished below: