Cushion and Pillow Slip Covers
We are happy to report we are now offering colored slip covers for our seagrass furniture!
The Ivory and Chocolate are treated with soil guard and are water repellent.  You can literally place these under the
faucet and the water runs off!  The Denim is not treated.. wash and dry...just like jeans. To place an order, please
call our store.  (760) 231-5959  Ships priority mail.
  • Off white cotton denim sectional seat cushion cover (26" square x 7" High):  Reg. Price $ 45.00  Now $ 29.95

  • (Set of 2) Sectional 20 x 20" sectional scatter pillows:  Reg. Price $45.00  Now  $ 29.95

  • Wingback chair cushion cover with matching lumbar pillow cover: Dimensions:  24" L x 19.5" W.
Reg. Price:  $45.00.00 for set  Now  $ 35.95 (Available in Ivory and Denim)

  • Seagrass armchair cushion cover and lumbar cushion cover:  $45.00 for set  Now $ 35.95 (Available in Ivory and Denim,
    and Dark Chocolate.  Cushion dimensions:  24.5" long x 20.5" wide in front...curved in back. If your cushion is smaller one
    can put more batting around the cushion to make it fit your cushion.)

  • 26" square sectional ottoman cushion cover:   Reg. Price: $45.00  Now  $24.95

  • Hibiscus print 20" scatter pillow covers:  Reg. Price: $45.00  Now $ 35.95 each!
(760) 231-5959.  
Ivory - Cotton Twill
(These cushion covers are
treated with soil guard and
are water repellent.)
(These cushion covers are
treated; soil guard and
water repellent.
(760) 231-5959   Oceanside, CA
Can be tossed
in washer and dryer,
like denim blue jeans!
Item:  Boardwalk Stone
(eco-friendly treated)

Off white and gray
zippered 20" throw
pillow cover.
Item:  Dark Chocolate Mint
(Eco-friendly treated)

Fern Green and dark brown
zippered 20" throw pillow cover.
Cushion Cover:
Item:  Crocodile Fern
Get ready.  Change out your cushion
26.5" x 26.5" x 7" high
Water and Soil Repellent.