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These workers at our factory in Bali are humble, hard working people, who have
been taught this trade from family, passed on from generation to generation. This
weaving is truly an art.  This furniture is EARTH FRIENDLY. In contrast, furniture
with metal frames or synthetic  "look alike" wicker end up in our landfills and
oceans...but this will not as at some point, will simply bio degrade.

When completely finished, (refer to photo on left below) the strength of woven
seagrass has been compared to the
strength of steel cable.  Inside the reeds with a
hard natural outer casing, are nylon-like threads.

You can feel good about your purchase from OCEANSIDE LIVING AND DECOR, as it
is a small way of keeping our environment safe.  
Shown above:  The Corner Chair of our
seat cushions are built for comfort with individually
wrapped coils, high density foam, and lofty batting!
Eco-friendly soil and water repellent 100% off white
cotton fabric, zippered covers.
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This club armchair is ON SALE
Photo of weave above the photo is
taken of the arm looking down. How
beautiful the weave is, is so evident.
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