Our Organic Certification

"Learning from nature, developing for man."

Ecological water-repellent impregnation fluorine-free
treatment to the fabric we use on our furniture and:

  • has no non-biodegradable organic fluorine
compounds (is FC, PFOA and PFOS - free)
  • is water-repellent
  • is soil-repellent
  • keeps colours and fabrics looking new longer
  • dries textiles more rapidly
  • makes textile safe for child's play
  • breathable
  • resistant to washing
  • weatherproof
For more detailed information, please contact our customer service. We will
be happy to send a detailed report to you about the product we use and its
ingredients published by the European manufacturer of BIONIC-FINISH®ECO
who have succeeded in developing water-repellent finishes that do NOT
release fluoro-organic compounds.
brads or nails.  There are two coats of clear lacquer finish applied to the water
hyacinth seagrass, making this certified by the manufacturer as 90% organic,
otherwise it would be 100 %. This furniture is renewable and sustainable!  

Oceanside Living and Decor takes pride in the many upgrades that make this
furniture of the best quality.