Below are some frequently asked questions about shipping our furniture:

What is customary in the industry?
Our shipping and processing charges are intended to compensate our company for processing your order, handling and
packing the products you purchase, delivering them to you, and covering related overhead.

Our freight rates are calculated by dimensional weight of the furniture.  The size and weight of the carton and destination zip
code will provide us with information to pass on to you, our valued customer.   Our store is located in Oceanside, California
(north San Diego County); our furniture is warehoused in Brea, CA at our distribution Center. This is in Los Angeles County, CA

How long will it take to receive my furniture?
You can expect your purchase to deliver within 2 - 8 business days.  Exceptions, such as bad weather will be taken into
consideration as to the time of delivery.  Once your order is at the HUB or receiving center near your delivery address, you
can expect a call to set up a time for the delivery that is convenient for you.

How are shipping and freight rates calculated?
The rates we quote are "curbside" delivery rates.  This means that the driver will deliver to your driveway or curb in front of
your home or business.  Most drivers are friendly and accommodating and will set your box (es) inside your garage or out of
the weather if there is a place to do so. This is not guaranteed, but in over 12 years of business, we have yet to hear of a
driver who was not willing to help our customers if the driver has the time.

What types of delivery services are available?
White glove and threshold deliveries are offered at a higher rate, and we will be happy to give you a quote for this, as
well.  With white glove service, the delivery agent will bring the box(es) into your home, business, or office, remove the
furniture from boxes and remove the packing materials and boxes.  With threshold delivery, the box(es) are brought inside
your front door or entry only.

What if there is assembly required?
The only items that require any type of assembly is our 5 piece sectional chairs, 3 piece sofa, 2 piece love seat, or chaise
lounge. There is attaching hardware on the bottom edge of  each chair.  By simply reaching and feeling for the swinging C
shaped bracket,  one can attach it to a bolt on the adjacent chair.  Tightening the wing nut will secure
the chairs from sliding apart. There are brackets on two sides of each chair so the chairs can be arranged in different
arrangements i. e. a 5 piece sectional with 3 corner chairs and 2 armless chairs can be made into the following designs.

Where do we ship to?
We ship to the contiguous U.S., and Canada.  We, however, will be happy to get a quote for those of you who live in  the
Caribbean or Hawaii.  The heavy furniture is palletized and shipped to a coastal or border city, whereby a customs broker will
help you make arrangements to get the furniture to your destination outside the country. We will collect the freight or
shipping to that particular coastal or border city, and from there you would work with the broker and pay him or her for the
shipping and freight charges are quite a bit less.  If this is possible we can compare both rates for you.

How is the furniture packed and what do I do when the delivery arrives?
All of our furniture is packed securely in triple wall constructed boxes, have corner protectors, packing materials, bubble wrap,
etc.; the cushions are sealed in plastic. Heavy items are palletized and shrink wrapped for a secure journey from California to
its destination. Boxes that are made in Bali are recycled and sometime appear dinged or dented in, but the furniture inside
will in most cases be fine, unless a fork lift misses its mark. :) That will be clearly evident. Ask the driver to make All of our
furniture is packed securely in triple wall constructed boxes, have corner protectors, packing materials, bubble wrap, etc.; the
cushions are sealed in note on the delivery ticket of any damage. We will change out the item(s) or credit your credit card.
Please refer to returning an item.

We ask that you inspect each item quickly before signing off on the delivery ticket.  Signing means you are accepting the
furniture in good condition.  If you see a suspicious looking box, ask the driver to wait while you inspect inside the box.  The
driver is required to wait.  If you have any questions or concerns, you may call us and we'll speak with the driver.  Most of
the time, the drivers know that if there is something that looks suspicious they expect you to want to open the box.

What do I do if I find damage?
If you see there is damage on one of your items, you may accept the order, but please make note on the delivery ticket
regarding the damage and the item damaged. Get a copy of the delivery ticket from the driver.  This way it will there will be
fewer questions and to have an insurance claim paid to us. We would appreciate that as well.
If there is only one item damaged, you can send that one item  back with the driver,  with a note on the delivery ticket that
it's damaged and you are refusing that particular item, i.e. chair. . Next give us a call within 24 hours notifying us of the
damage, followed by an email to:  Our phone number is: 760-231-5959.  Someone will
contact you if you are leaving a message.

Will Call Service:
You are welcomed to pick up your order at our distribution warehouse located in Brea, CA. off the 57 freeway in Los Angeles
county.  Please email us and we'll provide the address.  Our warehouse is located in an attractive and safe industrial center.
The men at our warehouse are friendly and courteous and will help you load your furniture into your truck, SUV, or  vehicle. If
they load for you, they are not held responsible for any issues that may arise.  Oftentimes our customers will tie a headboard
to the top racks of their SUV. We suggest you bring tie downs and
bungie cords.  This is the only item the men are not allowed to load for you.  We suggest you bring a helper for this.  
There is no charge for will call service.  The warehouse is open from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  Monday through Friday. Please call
ahead to give the notice you are coming.

If you have other questions about shipping or freight, please feel free to contact us at the link on the home
page.  Thank you.

Our Hawaiian customers:

We will be happy to help you find the best shipping rate to the Hawaiian islands.  Many of our customers have
recommended:  Dependable Hawaiian Express  (800) 488-4888.  We will give you a rate from our Los Angeles
warehouse to the Long Beach dock.  From there you will coordinate the shipment using a broker, such as Dependable
Hawaiian Express.  Let us know how we can help!

Our Canadian Neighbors:
For Vancouver customers or Bristish Columbia we recommend:

A and A Distribution
Address: 1855 Pipeline Rd, Blaine, WA 98230
Phone:(360) 332-1016
(760) 231-5959 Oceanside, CA