1.        Is seagrass furniture sturdy and durable?
Answer:  Absolutely.  It is surprising to know that unlike solid wood furniture, our furniture if dinged can be repaired.  The woven
seagrass is attached to a mahogany wood frame, and protected with 2 coats of lacquer, which make the water hyacinth leaves
protected, hard, and durable.
2.        How do I repair a broken leaf if damaged?
Answer:  We will be happy to send you a repair kit at no charge to you.  Just call customer service.  The kit will include 2 – 12”
pieces of seagrass, a stain pen, and gloss.
Instructions are easy to follow to repair any damaged areas.
3.        Are there any precautions I should take when planning to move the furniture?
Answer:  Yes.  We advise not to use a dolly, but instead put skids under the legs and push the furniture across the room.  When or if
you plan to relocate and have to move furniture, use a wagon type dolly with a flat surface.  Wrap the furniture with heavy blankets or
better yet, bubble wrap.  Two people should lift it to a moving truck, and secure it so it doesn’t slide around the truck.
4.       How do I care for this furniture?
Answer:  To care for the furniture, take a damp cloth and wipe it down.
The seat cushions are removable for washing.  Spray any stain with spot remover, such as “Shout”, put in the washing machine on a
delicate cycle, COLD water, and add non-chlorine bleach and detergent.  To dry we recommend line drying.  The manufacturer
claims the fabric is preshrunk but to be safe, we advise allowing the slip covers to dry naturally and not placed in a dryer.
Then, iron and put them back on the cushions.
5.       Is it difficult to put the slip covers over the cushions?
Answer:  No.  There is an easy way to put them back on.  Take a large plastic trash bag and put the bag around the cushion.  Cut a
slit in the top of the bag.  Fold the cushion in half and put it in the slip cover.  Let it open and work it around into the corners.  Reach
inside and pull out the plastic bag.
6.        Is there a way to attach the sectional pieces together?
Answer:  Yes.  Notice underneath the sectional pieces you’ll find a bracket.  The bracket can be used to attach the pieces so they
don’t slide around.  If on the carpet, customers have told us it is unnecessary to attach the units as the furniture is heavy.  If you
choose not to have the brackets on the furniture, you may remove the brackets entirely.  
7.       When I receive the furniture, and decide it doesn’t work for me, may I return it?
Answer:  Yes.  We want you to be happy and not worry about this concern.  If the furniture doesn’t work for you for any reason, simply
call us within 24 hours and follow the return instructions in the Terms and Conditions sections before checkout.  You will be
responsible for return shipping and a restocking fee of $35.00.  If the furniture is damaged, please take photos and call us within 24
hours.  We will pay return shipping, but require that you call us within this time.   When we receive the photos, we’ll mail a return form
to fill out for pick up, and file a claim with the shipper.
Make sure when you sign for the furniture, you check for damage before the delivery person leaves your residence or business, and
ask him to make a note on the delivery receipt.
8.       Is it possible to add pieces to the sectional at a later date?
Answer:  Absolutely!  This is the beauty of this collection.  Since no two pieces are ever exactly the same, due to weave and tonal
variation, you may add to your sectional.  For example, you can begin with a love seat, and buy more units to make a large sectional
if you move and have a larger room.  If you buy the large sectional and move to a smaller room, you can break up the set and
arrange it so that it works in your space.
9.   Are there any restrictions for returning merchandise that is marked "reduced or on sale" ?
Answer:  Yes.  Furniture or merchandise that is marked "reduced or on sale" can only be returned for a store credit, not cash refund.  
The reason for this is due to the end of a season, or may be a discontinued item.  If furniture ends with a price of $.99, it is
on sale.  You may discuss this with our customer service department.  We do make exceptions to this and it depends on
the furniture item (s).

If there are any questions you have that are not addressed above, please call our customer service number, and we’ll be happy to
answer these for you.

We feel very confident you’ll love this furniture.  It is beautifully and artfully made and gives your home that beach cottage feel.  It is
casual and elegant!
Frequently Asked Questions