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Oceanside Living and Décor, Inc. (OCLD, Inc.) We thank you for shopping with us. Please read, initial each page, and sign and date the last page. Receipt of the Terms and Conditions is necessary before items can be scheduled for delivery or pick up. Please fax to: (760) 231-8822 or return as an attachment to an email. Thank you. Measurements and Space: Please determine whether the furniture will fit through openings such as stairways, doors, and corners. Follow these simple guidelines to help ensure an efficient delivery: Measure the height and width of your entryways, including elevator doors, and interior doorways. Use the furniture measurements to determine if it can go straight through entry-ways or if the piece has to go in at an angle or on end. Shipping & Terms: Shipping will be calculated at check-out, based on your ship-to location. We’ll do our best to get the very best rate for you. Shipping / Delivery: are available for an additional cost. To arrange delivery, items must be paid in full. Delivery is scheduled as “Curbside.” Curbside Delivery: We are happy to provide Curbside Freight Delivery by contracted freight carriers, which is the standard shipping method for items that are too large or heavy for shipment with normal package carriers. These deliveries require an adult over the age of 18 to be present during delivery and are made during normal business hours, Monday through Friday. The carrier will call you in advance to schedule a deliver time convenient for you. What you should know: Your order will arrive in approximately 2-7 business days from the shipping date, from our distribution warehouse in Brea, California 92821. •The delivery agent will call in advance to schedule a delivery appointment, generally within a 4-hour window. •Deliveries are made by truck -Monday through Friday. •Curbside delivery are at the curb. Threshold deliveries are made to inside your door or into your garage, and White Glove delivery service is available and a rate can be provided to you upon request. •Although the furniture is wrapped in bubble wrap and is in boxes, we advise using a “table dolly” or moving the boxes using two people. Liftgate charges: A lift gate is a platform at the back of the truck that allows the boxes to be lowered hydraulically. Most often there will be only one person delivering your furniture and will use the lift gate to lower the boxes to ground level. The lift gate charge is usually about $40.00. To save on lift gate charges, you may wish to ask a friend or family member to be present during the delivery to help the driver unload the boxes, which can weigh up to 90 lbs. The delivery agent may require assistance for bulkier items. Transporting the item into the home or other area is the customer's responsibility. Individual drivers may provide some assistance, but we cannot guarantee this additional service. •Delivery agents are not equipped to dispose of packaging materials. Please note the street of access must be at least 10 feet wide with an overhead clearance of at least 14 feet. If the street is smaller than this, additional handling charges may apply. Contact our Customer Service Dept. about availability/pricing for additional services. What to do upon delivery: Most important is to thoroughly inspect the box(es) or package(s), and furniture at the time of delivery and before you sign the carrier’s delivery receipt. Are all pieces accounted for? It is your responsibility to check that all items are correct and all pieces accounted for before you sign. If a box is missing, you may accept the delivered pieces, make a note of the shortage on the delivery receipt, and contact our Customer Service to locate the missing item(s). Are the boxes or product(s) damaged? You may choose to refuse the delivery if there is unacceptable damage to your item(s). If you choose to refuse the delivery, you must note the damages on the delivery receipt. Please contact Customer Service to notify us of the refusal. If only part of an item is damaged, you may accept the order, record the damages on the carrier’s delivery receipt, and contact us within 24 hours. We may be able to replace damaged pieces, if we have them in stock. If a damaged item arrives outside of our business hours, please contact us on the next business day. We will request that any replacement item(s) be sent to you promptly and free of charge. Once you have signed the delivery receipt, including any notation of damage, make sure to ask the freight carrier for a copy of the delivery receipt. Also, record the freight company's name and trailer number so we may track the order back to our vendor or warehouse. If you discover damages after the delivery is complete, please contact our Customer Service Dept. within 24 hours so that we may resolve the situation immediately. Storing your furniture once it arrives to your home or office: If it is necessary to store your seagrass furniture , to ensure the integrity of the seagrass, remove it from the box from which it is packed, remove the bubble wrap, and allow the water hyacinth to breathe. Storage is best in a climate controlled environment. The seat cushions are made of foam rubber. If left in the plastic sealed bags, inside the box, in a hot and humid environment the foam rubber will become hard and disfigured. If you are not planning to use your furniture right away, make sure these precautions are taken. White Glove Delivery Service: White glove In home delivery service is available at an additional charge. The white glove in-home delivery and setup allows for your furniture to be delivered and setup in your home. All deliveries will be coordinated and scheduled by the shipper's office and dispatch staff prior to delivery. Deliveries will be scheduled by the shipping or freight company. All deliveries and setup will be completed by courteous uniformed staff and all packing materials will be removed. Special Orders: When an item is not displayed on our website and a special request is made for the construction of such item, there can be no set guarantees as to when the item(s) will be available as we are dealing with a foreign country. With a deposit, the item will be ordered. This purchase is non refundable as it is a special order. Freight costs cannot be calculated until the item is checked into our distribution center, where it will be weighed, and the freight cost calculated. Thank you. Return Shipping: If you wish to return the merchandise, you may do so, but we require you, the customer, to pay for return shipping. We feel our furniture is of the very best quality and want you as a return customer. This policy is standard within the industry. E.T.A.’S: Oceanside Living and Décor, Inc. will do its best to assure your merchandise arrives within the estimated arrival time period. However, since these ETA’s are based on industry averages, we cannot offer any monetary compensation for unforeseen delays. As soon as we hear that a delay may occur, we will make every effort to notify you. Will Call Service: is offered, whereby a customer can save on all shipping costs by picking up the furniture at the warehouse in Brea, CA. E-mail "customer service" by clicking on the "contact us" button to find out more about this service. All items need to be inspected by the driver picking up the furniture and make sure all items are accounted for, and will be asked to sign that he/she is receiving the furniture “in good condition.” State Sales Tax: Some states require sales tax. If you are charged tax it is calculated from your location/state. Orders from outside of CA will not be charged sales tax by OCLD, Inc. Return Policy: Please be advised that you are welcome to return furniture (with exception to sale items ending in $.99, as stated below, or if purchased at a Trade Show) for a full refund. If you find the furniture does not work for you, it is the responsibility of the customer to pay return shipping and a minimum restocking fee of $35.00 or $10.00 per box will be deducted. The customer must contact customer service (760) 231-5959, within 24 hours to return furniture. •Furniture must be returned in the box (es) in which it was delivered, wrapped in bubble wrap, and seat cushions and pillows in the original plastic bags. Furniture should be in the new condition it was sent to you. •Arrangements will be made to pick up your furniture, and the shipper will contact you. Sale Merchandise: Items ending with $.99 in the selling price are regarded to be “On Sale” and cannot be exchanged or refunded. These sales are final. Claims: Contact our Customer Service Department at (760) 231-5959 for order concerns. Merchandise must be returned to expedite your claim. Color/Weave/Finish: The wood frame of the furniture is wrapped with a knit weave of “hand-woven” water hyacinth seagrass reeds. The knit-weave is hand-woven and not always perfectly uniform as is with machine-weave, and there may be a variation of the color in the leaves. We feel the tonal variation in the water hyacinth enhances the beauty of the furniture. Restocking Fee: If the item is sold at the regular price and you wish to return a part or all of your furniture, you must contact customer service within 24 hours of delivery. We honor our money back guarantee. A minimum $35.00 restocking fee will be charged per carton on furniture items, and $10.00 per item for décor items. Cushions and pillows for Sectional Chairs: We are happy to be able to offer the off-white natural seat cushions and scatter pillows as a complimentary bonus that accompany your sectional chairs, as well as our occasional chairs. Care and Cleaning Instructions for Furniture and Cushion Covers: Water hyacinth reeds are protected with a clear lacquer finish and can be wiped gently with a clean damp cloth. The seat cushions are 100% cotton twill and are soil and moisture guarded, by the use of a solution that is eco-friendly made in Europe. If you decide to launder your cushions or pillows, bend the cushion in half (best with two people) and gently remove the inside cushion from the slip-cover. Care and Cleaning continued: Treat the cover with pre laundry solution (We recommend using Shout). Turn cover inside out and wash the slip-cover in COLD water on a gentle, delicate machine cycle or dry-clean. The fabric is pre-shrunk, but it is advised to avoid the use of warm or hot water. Chlorine-free bleach for colors is recommended, and the slip covers will wash nicely. After laundering, allow the cushions to “air-dry”. When dry, lightly spray with fabric finish spray and press with an iron. Again, to insert the cushion inside the slip-cover, reverse the process that you followed to remove the slip-cover. To insert the cushion back into the clean slip-cover, it is best advised to place a clean plastic garbage bag cut in the center and placed around the cushion. Bend the cushon in half as you did when you removed it, and move it around so that the corners fit. Then place your hand inside and remove the plastic bag. This tip works great! Maintance of Seagrass: Upon request we will provide you with instructions for maintaining and cleaning your seagrass furniture. Since seagrass is a natural fiber, seasonal maintance is especially important if your furniture is on an outdoor covered porch or sunroom. It is a simple process and will keep your seagrass in like new condition for many years. How to Attach the Sectional Chairs: You will find attaching hardware on the underside of each sectional chair. Set the chairs next to one another, and reach underneath and swing the C bracket over the adjacent bolt and screw the wing nut tightly. Hardware that is not needed, may be removed. Storage: Completed orders for “will call” held by Oceanside Living and Décor, Inc. for more than 30 days are subject to a $30.00 monthly storage charge. Merchandise not picked up after 30 days will be considered abandoned and will be resold. In addition, any deposit will be lost. To sum it up: Our furniture is carefully packaged and we have taken extra precautions to minimize the chance of damage. Large sectional orders are placed on pallets and shrink wrapped to prepare for the journey across the U.S. Once the furniture reaches its destination, it is unloaded at a local HUB, where it is placed in a smaller truck and taken to our customer’s home or business. Our customers have been very happy, but there is always risk when trucking furniture. With proper care and maintenance suggested, we feel confident that you will enjoy your seagrass furniture for years to come. Thank you again for shopping with us! By signing and dating below, you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions. For your records: Corporate Office: Oceanside Living and Décor, Inc. Mailing Address: 2086 Costa Vista Way, Oceanside, CA 92054 Phone: (760) 231-5959 Fax: (760) 231-8822 Our website: www.OceansideLivingAndDecor.com Email address: Info@OceansideLivingAndDecor.com Distribution Warehouse: NVC Logistics 675 Endeavor Circle Brea, CA 92821 Phone: (714) 529-8005 , ext. 214 or 217 Hours of operation: 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. PST For customers using “will call” service: Please call our warehouse to make arrangements for the date and time of pick up. Thank you.
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